Friday, January 8, 2010

We LOVE the Library

Aiden and I had planned a trip to the library, but when we got there it was closed-Christmas furloughs. I hadn’t had breakfast yet and we still needed to throw our pennies in the fountain so I parked the car and we got out. The café was open so we ordered warm apple cider and peanut butter cookies. After we were done, we practiced hitting the back wall of the fountain with our pennies, throwing as hard and as far as we could. Fifty pennies goes really fast so we needed another plan.

Aiden wanted to paint, but I knew he was low on supplies. “How about Michael’s?” I proposed. “Yes, let’s go!” he replied. We sang on the way over, making up a new song entitled, “Cookies.” It goes like this, “ Cookies on the ….(fill in the blank.” In case you want to try this song, sing it in the cadence of Marine marching songs like this, “Cookies (emphasis on the word cookies) on the freeway, cookies in my mouth, cookies in my ears… whatever strikes your fancy.”

With Aiden as the captain inside the shopping cart, we grabbed paper, new brushes, watercolors, and scissors. On the way back to my house, I asked him what he would like to paint. Aiden says he wanted to “paint pictures of his peeper.” “Lots and lots of peepers.” I knew that was his word for penis. “Why, Aiden?” He just laughed his head off, then began the cookie song again. This is the same kid who was horrified to find trash on the library grounds telling me that the “people were disrespecting the earth.”

That’s the amazing thing about being with my grandchildren. They are such gifts to me. Our discussions can begin with bathroom humor and drift into profound in a just a few minutes and they always make me laugh.

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