Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer's Comin' : Be Happy

Well, Aiden and I had a horrible day. He wouldn’t mind me, he threw a bunch of play dough and his toys in the trash, ran away from me in the parking lot, blah blah blah. He said he didn’t like me anymore. Then with a smile, he said to me, "Are you mad?"  I said, "Yes."  With a grin, he tells me, "Be happy!"  It was so cute it made me laugh.

I couldn’t get him to sit on the toilet so I said, “Don’t you dare go to the toilet. I bet you don’t even know how.”

He went  and sat on the toilet and urinated, laughing the whole time. What a kid. It’s about darn time. When I leave now he always has to open the door for me and hugs me 3 times.

He seems very upset about all the transitions in his life-the end of school, new baby coming. I’m only babysitting him the next 3 days, then my son Randy will be home for the summer break from teaching.
The greatest thing about picking Aiden up at school is that when he sees me, he gets this huge smile with his dimples showing and he runs very fast and jumps into my arms, then he just holds me hard for about a minute before letting go.

It's almost summer so I took a few days off to go to my friend’s house on the coast. I didn’t see Aiden for 5 days. He's a boy who loves his routine and doesn't like it disrupted. When I picked him up at school today  he gave me the biggest long hug-he just held on. At his preschool, the teachers are bringing the toddlers over to the bigger classes so they will know the new teachers for next year, but it’s making Aiden insecure. His teacher, Miss Katrina, said Aiden is hanging all over her, clinging to her legs, asking her where she’s been if she leaves the room.

We go get his lunchbox, say thank you goodbye to Ms. Katrina and Ms. Daisy then walk to my car, get him into his car seat, roll his window down, and strap him in. We talk on the way home, we scream “stinky stinky" when we go by the sewer smell that lingers across from the hospital-rotten egg smelling-really hideous. Then when we get to Broad St., we turn right and I ask him how many buses are waiting for kids to get off. Usually 4. Then when we get home, he wants to climb out of his car seat by himself, then he always wants to pop the trunk to get out whatever I want to bring upstairs. When we get in the elevator he pushes 3, but I say, 392 coming up”

When we get off the elevator, he wants to open the interior door for me, then I use my keys to get in the door. We both take off our shoes, I put on the tea kettle and we sit down to decide what we are going to do.

Only two more days. I'm going to miss Aiden like crazy. I'll see him at least once a week , but won't be the same.

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