Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rebecca's Earth Day Facts: Pass It On!

Rebecca’s Earth Days Facts:

Pass It On!

Casually, I said to Rebecca, now 7, “Most people are good, I think.”  . She answered with a knowing smile, “Yes, Grandma, except for the rain forest stuff.”   Well, okay...

 Coming home from school on Monday, she was really excited. She went on a field trip with her first grade class to see, “Chimp,” she was in a good mood, but also had learned some hard facts in her class and from the film.  She started quizzing me. I didn’t know any of the answers. She was appalled. I told her most adults don’t know this stuff. I told her I’d pass it on in my blog. So here goes. I hope you know the answers better than I.did.

Pass it on!

1.     How long does a plastic bottle take to break down?

a.     50 years

b.     200 years

c.     450 years

2.     How long does a plastic bag take to break down?

a.     10-20 years

b.     450 years

c.     3 months

3.     Which takes the longest to break down?

a.     Plastic bottle

b.     Milk carton

c.     Glass bottle

4.     Which takes the least amount of time to break down?

a.     Plastic bag

b.     Plastic bottle

c.     Milk carton

Answers: 1. 450 2. 10-20 3. Glass 4. Milk carton

Scary, no?  Pass it on!

Quiz from Scholastic News Earth Day 2012

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