Friday, February 19, 2010

Gramma, You My Best Friend

I was really sick earlier in the week so I didn’t pick Aiden up from school. I called to talk to my son, then asked to say goodnight to my grandson. Aiden picked up the phone, then asked in real seriousness, “Why you no pick me up, Gramma Janny?”  He sounded really worried. His other grandmother picked him up.

I said to him, "Well,  I thought Grandma Patty would enjoy seeing your school."  But he sounded really concerned so I told him I promised to be there in a couple of days. He’s so funny. I miss him when I’m not there to get him. His other grandmother lives far away so she only sees him a couple of times a year. I don’t know how she can stand it. I need to make  cards today for Rebeeca and Aiden.

The next day I made Valentine cards for the kids and grandkids. I bought Rebecca some teeny real baby Valentine t-shirts for her doll, Sesame Street hair ties, and a heart Pez dispenser and candy. She got so much stuff from her grandfather it looked like Christmas. I only stayed for a minute or so because my voice was completely gone. I don’t think I’ve ever had laryngitis before.

A few days later I felt better and was able to resume picking Aiden up at school. It was pouring rain again. We both got soaked even though I had an umbrella. From the knees down, we were both sopping wet. When we got home, I had Aiden change his clothes. Then I gave him his Valentine with the bubblegum flavored tootsie pop. He said, Yummy,” then licked it for an hour. He also found the Pez container to be very wonderful the way it shoots out one candy at a time. I knew he'd want me to start working as soon as we arrived home.  "Not today, honey. My back hurts." He wanted me to vacuum, so I let him do it instead of me. He did a great job.

The following day, I was having major problems with my car registration so I decided I had to go in person, never a good idea and not with a tired 3 year old. But I had no choice so Aiden and I went to the DMV. I had tucked away a grape tootsie pop in my purse to keep his occupied while we waited. I had an appointment, but still we had to wait.

He started to have a fit, but when I gave him theTootsie Pop he started to settle down. After a few minutes, he began giving me sticky kisses on my cheeks, on my sweater, on my hands. We finished our business and drove the 3 blocks to my son's house.

Aiden hadn’t taken a nap at school and with the sugar he was wild by the time we got home. He wanted me to help him wash dishes and again he wanted me to vacuum. I let him do it which he thoroughly enjoyed.

When I was leaving he threw his arms around my neck and gave me a big hug and told me, “Gramma, you my best friend.” 

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  1. These stories are so touching. The kids will love to re-read them when they are grown. You are a great writer!