Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Just Wanna be the FUN Grandma...

It was a dark and stormy day. Parked in front of Aiden’s school because my dollar store umbrella fell apart exposing broken metal spokes. Right after that I got in trouble for parking wrong.

I found Aiden, put his orange jacket on him and zipped him up. He seems to be in a cranky mood lately. If I don’t do exactly what he wants he cries and has a fit. I wasn’t sure I signed on to do discipline. I just want to be the fun Gramma.

When we arrived home I was trying to think of a rainy day project. Throwing a sheet over the table and handing him my flashlight, I stood back to watch him climb into the tent I made him. It was really dark inside. Aiden explored every inch of the tent with the flashlight. He seemed to really love it.

Lately he’s been putting his arms around my neck and putting his head on my shoulder. He stays there for a few minutes without saying anything. Wow.

Aiden still hasn’t gotten over the freedom of being in a big boy bed. He’s waking Hollis and Randy up several times a night. They both have dark circles under their eyes. I was a lot younger parent than my kids so I can sympathize with them.

The next day Aiden and I had a play date with Rebecca. They are so good together, these little cousins. Aiden finds her so funny, and Rebecca defers to Aiden’s being littler than her.

Rebecca promptly gets ready by putting on her pink and gold princess dress, pink plastic high heels and a fuchsia colored princess crown-too funny. Then she found her old frog costume for Aiden and the danced and fell down and danced and leapt in the air and she pointed her toes in her pink ballet slippers and twirled and crashed into Aiden and they started all over again.

Aiden has been terrified of Rebecca’s cat, Caroline. Aiden would usually jump into my lap and scream whenever Caroline crossed his path. This time I told Rebecca to go find the Pounce, a kind of kitty cookie. So I let Aiden give the cat the treats one by one. Then he patted the cat and the cat sniffed him and purred. Aiden, with his one sided dimpled smile, said to Rebecca, “I love your titty.”

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