Sunday, May 2, 2010

When Are You Going to Die, Grandma?

Aiden went to San Diego with his Mom and Dad for a week. I missed them all like crazy. I drove to their house to pick up their SUV, then drove to the airport, found them all on the curb with their luggage, and I switched to the back seat to ride with Aiden.

This is what he talked about: his dead grandfather, people in wheelchairs, Toys R Us, the beach, his watering can I gave him. His reply to any statement I make is always “Why?” and then “What’s that about?” He talked the 30 minutes straight on the way home. I had to really struggle with answers for him. Not a word about the airplane or clouds or anything else. Oh and his uncle’s garage, his uncle's tools, Aiden's own egg hunt, a basket his aunt Polly gave him, and his grandfather, Charlie. He laughed, he giggled, he gave me a big fat wet kiss on my cheek.

Lots of deep subjects: then finally, "When are you going to die and go to heaven, Grandma?" I tried to answer honestly without worrying him. He's three after all. I told him I had no idea, no one knows when they will die, but that I thought I'd be around for a long time. He seemed to accept my answer.

Last week Rebecca asked me when I was going to die. Jeepers creepers. What’s up with that? I gave her the same answer.

The next day, my son was still off work so Randy, Aiden, Rebecca and I all went to see a magician at the library-it was very funny and the kids all loved it. Every since Aiden saw the Calliou episode where the main character gets a top hat, a cape, and a magic wand, he has been in love with the idea. His favorite word is "Abracadabra."

The word is a magical incantation that comes from Aramaic meaning, "As I say it, I create it."  I wish I could say a magic word and tell him I'd be around forever. I want to see all of my grandchildren grown and healthy and happy. Abracadabra.

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