Friday, March 5, 2010

Recognizing Grace in Ordinary Things

She's coming to spend Friday night with me. We've made our plans. I bought new watercolor paper and over the phone we've discussed menus. I've been to the grocery store and swung by the post office to pick up a copy of Mary Poppins from Netflix. My four-year-old granddaughter, Rebecca, is so excited she's completely packed her things, dolls, books, bright green sleeping bag, purple sleepy suit, and extra toothbrush, and other necessities. It's only Tuesday.

I pick up Aiden from his preschool every weekday at 3 p.m. sharp. They charge $10 per minute if you are late so I always get there on time. Yesterday, Aiden had a hard day. He didn’t nap and he wet his sleeping bag at school. I brought them home to wash.

Today we watched the Berenstain Bears for a while, had a snack of pears and an energy bar, then I took him outside to play. It’s been raining so much we are feeling cooped up. The sun finally came out.

We went out by the pool and the fountain. For some reason, he loves to run around in a circle around the fountain. He sings, “Ring around the Rosie” and falls down and laughs so hard, then does it again and again.

Aiden found a stick that looked like a fishing rod and he would bring it over for me to take the pretend fish (leaf)  off the hook. Then he took the stick and poked it in some dog poop. I took it from him and threw it over the fence.

He said, “Why you do that, Gramma?” I said, “It’s dirty, sweetie. Don’t touch,” But he adored the idea of dog poop so he made a song up about it." I told him about pooper scoopers which he found hilarious and he added that to the song.

Then he took my keys and threw them into the fountain so we had to get the pool skimmer to fish them out.

When I put the skimmer back, he kept saying, “Again? Again? Come on, Gramma. "  Because he wanted to throw them in again, I finally put him over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes and brought him upstairs, laughing and laughing.

When he’s over tired he gets punch drunk, laughing, crying, throwing things, trying to bite clothing. I was hoping if he ran around for an hour he’d have gotten all his excess energy out of the way-somehow get his yayas out.

Yesterday we found out that my son and his wife, Hollis and Randy, are having a baby girl. I’m so happy they are going to have a boy and a girl. I'm really glad Aiden will have a sibling.

We were all very excited and Rebecca, Aiden's cousin, is especially happy. She said,  "I knew it."

When Rebecca found out Hollis was pregnant, she came outside with me, looked up into the heavens and  said with all her heart, “ Wish I may, wish I might, first star I see tonight, I wish for the new cousin to be a girl.”

Later we went over to play at my daughter's house. Aiden and Rebecca, the little cousins, played hard, dancing in circles, Rebecca in crown and butterfly wings, holding out her pink boa to Aiden dancing to "The Best of Sesame Street."

The kids and I made sweet potato fries and turkey burgers while Beth went to look at a house.

Driving home, Aiden in his car seat, said, "Ya know, Gramma, today was a a good day.”

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