Friday, March 26, 2010

Colds, Coughs, Tea Parties

When I picked him up from preschool, Aiden had a cold and  a runny nose with a red chapped upper lip. His friend Ella came over to stare up at me the way she does like a puppy at the pound. We said our goodbyes and left.

He didn’t feel so good when we got home so we had mostly a laid back day. We watched the Bears story about going to the doctor for a checkup. Aiden went into his bedroom, got his doctor kit and we did all the things they did in the cartoon. He checked my blood pressure and listened to my heart. I showed him the scab on my elbow and he sympathized. He poured pretend medicine on my boo boo. He poked around in my mouth with a Q-tip. I put some Vaseline on his upper lip.

Then he got his second wind. We unloaded the dishwasher, rinsed all the dirty dishes, loaded them, washed my clothes and dried them; dry mopped and vacuumed the living room. I sat down to rest and Aiden got so mad. He scratched me and yelled at me, “Get up!”  I had to put his hand on my forehead to show him I was sweating and tired.

Randy came home and Aiden started in on him. Then Aiden started to poop in his pants. I took him in and changed him. He seems so angry and frustrated. He probably needs to start receiving some discipline. I just went in and changed his pants and told him not to cry and that no one was mad at him.

The next day it was a pleasant surprise to wake up to find the sun shining. It was still cold, under 60, but sunny and clear.I was working on my computer all morning not realizing that the clock on my computer didn’t change with Daylight Savings Time. I would have been one hour late to pick up Aiden to the tune of ($10 per minute) $600. My God.

Anyway I was on time, peeking through the glass window to look for him, and he was still sound asleep on his little cot as were most of the kids in the room. I wasn’t the only one messed up by the time change. The teacher woke him up and changed his pull-ups, which were soaked.

He seemed happy and in a good mood. We watched the Bears. I had a cup of tea and Aiden wanted one too. I used a drop of tea, lots of milk and sugar.

As soon as the Bears were over, Aiden was up saying that we needed to clean. I told him, “Look, let’s just play today, okay? “ He argued a bit, and then relented when I offered to get his Play dough out. We had a great time making cakes and pies and small red apples.

Aiden went in his room and pulled out his 3 small plates and a tiny teapot. We poured the tea into the pot, and then Aiden poured two cups of tea for us. Then I remembered he had these tiny round cookies so I got them and put them on our plates. They were the perfect size. Then Aiden took the little red apples and started to put them in my little cup. I’d take them out; he’d put them back in. He is such a funny boy. He took the red apples out of my tea one more time, we clinked teacups and said “cheers.”

We took a walk outside to get some fresh air. I sat down on the bench in the courtyard and Aiden layed down with his head on my lap. Above us I heard a hawk cry so we both looked up to see a Red Tail soaring above us.

Aiden sat up,  put his head on my shoulder, and said, “I love you, Gramma.”

After Randy came home, Aiden started his, “Don’t Talk” to Randy. I told Aiden every time he said that I’d have to tickle his belly button. It made him stop. By then, he said, “Go home now.” He walked over to me and tried to bite me on the arm. I told him to never ever do that again and to say he was sorry. He did.

He opened the door for me. Randy said he’s been trying to go outside without asking. He got out in the hall last week while Randy was in the bathroom. Aiden was outside screaming to come in. I have to watch him more closely.

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